In 2019, the American company Mattel, Inc., which owns the Barbie brand, has already filed its second lawsuit to protect its intellectual property rights in Ukraine.

The first lawsuit was initiated against Yasen Food Company, which registered the BARBI (Ukrainian БАРБІ) trademark in its name in 2003. Because of this, the American company was unable to obtain protection for its trademark BARBIE.

In September, the Commercial Court of Kyiv fully satisfied the lawsuit of Mattel, Inc. and ordered Ukrpatent to terminate the certificate for the trademark BARBI of the Ukrainian company.

Further, the doll maker Barbie initiated a lawsuit against the Ukrainian company Paritet-Toys, demanding that they stop producing their dolls under the Asya brand (Ukrainian Ася). Its requirements Mattel, Inc. substantiated by the fact that the defendant imports and sells dolls, the copyright for the sculpture of which belongs to the American company. Also, Mattel, Inc. announced his intention to seek compensation for copyright infringement and requested data on the supply of Asya dolls to the Ukrainian market for the period from 2016.Ася кукла