The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan made the amendments to the list of official fees for actions with trademarks starting from May 19, 2022.

The most significantly increased official fee for trademark renewal – the cost for renewing a trademark is 85USD, which by 52% higher as was before.

The current official fee for filing a new trademark application in one class increased by 48% – to 155USD. Each additional class costs 36USD instead of 25USD previously.

At the same time, the official fee for Publication and Registration remains the same, and fees for registration of assignment agreement and making changes is registered trademark even decreased.

Name of services Official fee before May 19, 2022, USD Official fee after May 19, 2022, USD
Filing trademark application

– per one class

– each additional class







Claiming priority 14
Accelerated examination 75 106
Publication & Registration 27 27
Filing response to Office action 35 35
Making changes in application 25 27
Making changes in registered trademark 20 15
Renewal of registration 56 85
Registration of assignment agreement 35 21
Registration of license agreement 50 71