The Sverdlovsk Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia opened a case against the Ekaterinburg developer Brusnika. In its YouTube commercial, the Service found signs of five violations, including obscenity.

The commercial shows a girl moving out of her old apartment. Frustrated, she leaves the old empty apartment, walks through the yard, and gets into the car, after which she happily points her middle finger towards the old house.

The FAS noted that such advertising creates a negative attitude towards persons who do not use the advertised product. Namely, people who live in old houses, old buildings.

The department also recalled that obscene or offensive words or images cannot be used in advertising.

In addition, according to the Service, such advertising encourages minors to persuade their parents and others to move to the new Brusniki residential complexes.

Advertising also creates the impression that the possession of such a product puts in a preferable position in front of peers, that is, it forms an inferiority complex in minors who remain to live in old houses.

Advertisements that lack some essential information are not allowed. In this case, the video contains almost no information about the developer and what is offered.

Also, in the video, there is no link to the website of the housing information system.