The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine called on the Odesa Cognac Factory to refuse to distribute on the labels of its products designations that can mislead consumers about the French origin of drinks.

Comments were caused by the products “Champagne of Ukraine” under the names “GRANDE FRANCE” brut”, “GRANDE FRANCE” semi-dry”, “Sparkling wine drink with fruit and berry extract “GRANDE FRANCE ROSE”.

These alcoholic beverages are made on the territory of Ukraine and do not include wine materials of French origin. The only thing that connects them with France is the use in the production of yeast selected by the Champagne Institute of Oenology in the vineyards of France.

The Antimonopoly Committee came to the conclusion that the combination of text and graphic information placed on the labels of drinks can give the consumer the impression that the specified products are related to France, which is a violation of the law on the protection of economic competition.

We will remind, earlier the Antimonopoly Committee has already announced warnings to Ukrainian producers of wines and cognacs because of their imitation of products from Georgia.