The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine decided to impose fines on five producers of “sweet cream butter” for misleading consumers.

According to the state standard, “butter” must contain exclusively milk fat. Any other impurities – such as vegetable fat – immediately deprive the product of this name.

The Antimonopoly Committee identified a number of unscrupulous manufacturers who made products with unknown components and called the product “butter”. In some cases, the content of non-dairy and vegetable fats reached 90-100%.

By using the name “sweet butter” on products containing non-dairy and vegetable fats, manufacturers have disseminated information that misleads consumers. In addition, it could give them an undue competitive advantage.

The Antimonopoly Committee fined on such manufacturers:

Bogodukhovsky Dairy Plant LLC (Kharkiv region) – UAH 20.6 million ($735 thousand)

LLC “Malorogansky Dairy Plant” (Kharkiv region) – 4.4 million ($157 thousand)

Gaysinsky Dairy Plant LLC (Vinnytsia region) – 3.6 million ($129 thousand)

Simol LLC (Kiev region) – 1 million ($36 thousand).

LLC “Inter-Mol” (Dnipro) – 968 thousand ($36 thousand).