From July 11, 2023, new restrictions on the tobacco market have been introduced in Ukraine.

In particular, advertising of tobacco products, devices for heating tobacco, electronic cigarettes and their liquids is completely prohibited.

The ban applies both to the placement of advertisements on physical media and in the online space and media. It is prohibited to advertise such products through sponsorship, promotional campaigns, sweepstakes, etc.

The liability for the violation is from $550 to $1370 for each fact of advertising on a separate medium.

Also, the sale of tobacco products with aromatic additives and liquids for electronic cigarettes with such additives was prohibited.

In addition, fines have been established for smoking electronic cigarettes in public places and premises by analogy with smoking regular cigarettes; production (except production for export), trade, and import for sale in Ukraine of cigarettes containing flavoring additives is prohibited. Such cigarettes, already put into circulation, will be sold for another year.