The Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine identified residents of Zakarpattia Oblast who stored counterfeit coffee of a well-known international brand in a rented warehouse.

Thereafter, falsified products were sold on the market in the Zakarpattia region and via the Internet under the guise of imported original coffee. At the same time, the entrepreneurs did not have any contracts or licenses for the right to use of the trademark.

The manufacturing company has confirmed that all products labeled under its brand are counterfeit.

In this way, the Italian company, which has registered trademarks in Ukraine, suffered material damage in the total amount of almost UAH 3.5 million ($100 thousand).

Persons have been notified of the suspicion of committing a criminal offense provided for in Art. 229 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal use of a mark for goods and services, trade name, a qualified indication of the origin of goods).