The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS) has sent warnings to manufacturers of chocolate Lindt and washing powder Persil and Ariel about violating competition law.

The goods of these manufacturers, which are sold in Russia, differ in quality, composition, and terms of use from goods under the same brand in European markets.

At the same time, designations are placed on the packaging of goods in Russia that form the impression that the consumer is offered a product similar to the European one – for example, “German quality standard” on Persil powder, “No. 1 in Europe (on sales)” on Ariel powder, emphasis on the country of origin of Swiss chocolate and a long tradition of production and the high reputation of the Lindt chocolate manufacturer.

An examination by the state body of the composition and quality characteristics of products revealed a number of significant differences: lower detergency of powders, in chocolate the content of organic acids differs in some cases by 100-220%.

FAS Russia has sent warnings about the termination of the sale of goods without appropriate marking informing the consumer about the differences.