The Russian government has decided to unite subsoil users in the Caucasian Mineral Waters on the basis of the Holding Aqua company. The goal is the fight against counterfeiting.

Holding Aqua will become the only company with access to the wells of the Essentuki deposits, and, therefore, the legitimate producer of water under the trademark ‘Essentuki’.

In early 2019, Rospatent deprived 19 companies of the right to use the name ‘Essentuki’ for their products, as over time they lost access to the Essentuki deposits, but had valid certificates.

Holding Aqua was established in 2017. 25% of the company belongs to the state-owned Kavminkurortresursy and 75% to the private company Aqua Investments.

The government explains that the consolidation of mineral water production assets is necessary to maintain medicinal qualities and protect the market from counterfeit goods. Earlier, the Federal Tax Service supported the idea of ​​introducing special labeling of mineral water due to a strong increase in the share of counterfeit goods.

Essentuki is one of the most famous brands of mineral water in the post-Soviet countries and has legal protection as appellations of the place of origin of goods.