The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has developed a draft resolution, which, by the end of 2019, will test the system for controlling the movement of imported goods on the territory of Russia. Importers will decide for themselves whether to participate in the experiment.

The purpose of the experiment is to develop organizational, technical and other measures for the implementation of a national system for tracking goods to counter their smuggling and distribution in the country.

The Federal Tax Service will become the operator of the unified information system. It will ensure the collection and processing of applications for participation in the experiment, approve the rules for the provision of accompanying documents for goods, monitoring and evaluation of results, as well as other requirements for participants. The Federal Customs Service will transfer information about the goods from the customs declarations to the system.

It is proposed to track a limited list of goods – refrigeration and freezing equipment, industrial vehicles, washing machines and drying machines, monitors and projectors, baby strollers and metal furniture, integrated electronic circuits. After examining the accompanying documents, the tax office will find out whether duties and taxes were paid in full.