The Intellectual Property Rights Court of Russia has approved a settlement agreement between the Russian IT company Yandex and the manufacturer of chocolate paste Munitor Gruppe on the use of the trademark ‘Alisa’.

Munitor Gruppe has owned the Alisa brand since 1994 and uses it in the names of nut paste, cocoa, and property management programs. The company intends to continue to use the trademark for nut paste and other products.

Yandex wanted to use the sign Alisa for its voice assistant, which was introduced in 2017 and is already integrated into the company’s services and devices. In 2019, Yandex filed a lawsuit with the goal of early termination of legal protection of the trademark ‘Alisa’.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Yandex obtain the rights to use the trademark in 35 and 42 classes of the ICGS. According to sources, rights were estimated at between 50 and 150 thousand USD.