The Moscow Arbitration Court declared invalid the conclusion of an agreement on the transfer of rights to show the feature movie “Viy 3D” (Вий in Russian) on the territory of Ukraine.

Russian Film Group LLC, which owned the rights to the Viy 3D movie, and Cypriot Trevano Pictures Limited signed an agreement in January 2014 – the rights to show the film in Ukraine were sold for 12.5 million rubles ($380 thousand). Further, the Cypriot company resold the rights to the Ukrainian TV channel Inter.

At the same time, the production of the movie cost 604.5 million rubles ($18.3 mln).

Also, at the end of 2013, RFG showed signs of insolvency.

At the end of 2017, RFG was declared bankrupt, and the liquidator decided that the deal had been concluded in bad faith and filed a lawsuit.

The court recovered 180.5 million rubles in favor of RFG as unjust enrichment. This amount arose from the box office that was collected during the distribution in Ukraine. The liquidator intends to file a petition with the Cypriot authorities in order to recover this money from the persons who at that time controlled Trevano Pictures.

Viy 3D turned out to be one of the most successful movies of the Russian Film Group. It was filmed based on the story of the same name by Nikolai Gogol and was released in January 2014. In Russia, the movie has collected 1.2 billion rubles and became the highest-grossing picture of the year.