In February 2021, Russian companies filed several applications for registration of trademarks with the word Clubhouse in Russia.

The fact is that the creator of the rapidly gaining popularity of the American social network, Alpha Exploration, has not yet registered this trademark, not only in Russia but also in the United States.

The audience of the Clubhouse service in Russia already exceeds 140 thousand users.

Web site development company Creobits has applied for a trademark by classes of software. Three applications for the Clubhouse, Clubhouse Radio, and Clubhouse Audio trademarks were filed by Choose Radio LLC (operates a network of regional radio stations), which is part of the Media-1 group.

All applications cover 45 classes of goods and services and virtually all areas of business.

Rospatent may refuse to register a trademark because the social network is already known and the use of its name can mislead consumers and because such marks have already been registered abroad.

If the registration for one of the Russian applications takes place, Alpha Exploration can challenge it in the Chamber for Patent Disputes of Rospatent and in the Intellectual Property Court.