The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia issued a warning to Alfa-Bank about the termination of actions containing signs of violation of antimonopoly legislation.

On its website, when describing a package of premium services, the bank used the phrase “The best premium service in Russia according to the Frank Research Group agency”, mortgage lending services – the phrase “The best mortgage in Russia according to the international magazine Global Finance”, and when describing the cards, it used the phrase “The best salary card”.

However, the bank did not provide appropriate grounds that would confirm the validity of the information provided. The characteristics and parameters of the comparison were not indicated, in particular, the time period of the research, as well as information about the nominations, on the basis of which the bank’s products were recognized as having the corresponding advantages. In the case of the description of salary cards, even the source which conducted the corresponding research was not indicated.

At the same time, according to information from the official website of the Global Finance agency, Alfa-Bank became one of the winners in the regional subcategory as the “best mortgage bank” in the framework of the credit institution’s use of digital platforms and technologies. That is, the information provided by the bank about the “best mortgage in Russia” may represent an incorrect comparison of the mortgage lending service provided.

The information on the “best premium service” posted on the bank’s website does not indicate the period of the research, which limits the ability of consumers to assess the relevance of such a comparison of Alfa-Bank’s premium products.

At the same time, on the territory of Russia, many other banks offer their debit cards to individuals as salary cards, and premium services and mortgage lending are common and popular types of banking products by consumers.

In accordance with the warning, Alfa-Bank should indicate the source that conducted the research, the time period for its conduct, as well as specific nominations for which the bank’s products were recognized as the best.

Otherwise, the bank must delete the controversial information and inform the users of its official website about it within 20 days.