On April 23, 2021, the Russian parliament approved a bill on amendments to the law “On Advertising”, which introduces a mandatory quota for the placement of social advertising on the Internet.

The current norms of the Law “On Advertising” already oblige to allocate up to 5% of the space or time allotted for the distribution of advertising for social advertising. However, the law lacked mechanisms for regulating online advertising, which is why most sites simply ignored this provision.

The norms for the placement of social advertising will only affect sites that are visited by more than 100 thousand people per day.

The amendments include additional bans for operators of social advertising to protect the interests of companies providing platforms for its distribution. They directly prohibit the operator of social advertising from charging a fee for its distribution, and also do not allow transferring information about the site’s traffic received from the advertising distributor to third parties.

The new rules provide for the selection of a special non-profit organization as the operator of social advertising. It will collect information on advertising volumes from Internet sites and calculate the mandatory share of socially significant content. The operator of social advertising will be determined by the government

The selection of the operator of social advertising is planned to be completed by July 1, 2021.