On June 28, 2021, the President of Russia signed a decree on the creation of a public-state organization “Russian Center for the Circulation of Rights to the Results of Creative Activities”.

The founders of the center will be the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media and the National Coordination Center for Processing Transactions with Intellectual Property Rights and Objects (Ipchain).

The main activities of the Center will be to ensure the development and safe functioning of the ICT infrastructure for managing rights to the results of creative activity, including in the scientific and technical sphere, created to facilitate the circulation of such rights on the basis of digital technologies, as well as the preparation of proposals on legal regulation of the functioning of the specified infrastructure for organizing the provision of public services and the implementation of state functions in the circulation of rights to the results of creative activity, conducting educational activities in the field of protecting the rights to the results of creative activity, managing such rights in order to expand the circle of users of digital services, expanding international interaction in the field of data exchange, necessary for export and protection of rights to the results of creative activity.

The Center, as an operator of the Ipchain infrastructure, will ensure the safe functioning of the created infrastructure and the development of services for scientists and engineers, musicians and filmmakers, advertising and architectural bureaus – for all areas of creative, scientific, and technical activity.

In particular, the Сenter will be involved in the standardization of data transfer formats, technologies and methods of interaction between participants in civil turnover, state bodies, and local authorities, the establishment of uniform technical requirements for software and hardware solutions used in the circulation of such rights on the basis of digital technologies, as well as the promotion of Russian digital services to the international market.

The Ipchain Association was established in 2017. Ipchain has created a decentralized network of the same name that records transactions with rights and intellectual property objects: the creation of such objects, the method of creation and the objects used, the mode of accessibility of objects and their rightsholders, the implementation of actions that create additional guarantees of rights when using such objects (expertise), the emergence of the value of the object, assessment of its value and use in financial statements, the emergence of a dispute and its resolution, the beginning and completion of a transaction with rights to such objects.