The Russian parliament adopted a bill that allows the production and use of medicines for export in Russia without the consent of the patent holder.

The bill allows the government, in cases stipulated by international treaties, to make a decision on the use of an invention for the production of medicines in the country for export without the consent of the patent holder. At the same time, a patent holder must be notified of such a decision as soon as possible and be paid a proportionate compensation.

In the government decision, it will be necessary to indicate the volume of production of such a drug, which is justified by the needs of the importing country.

The packaging of medicines produced in this way must have a special designation.

However, the use of such an order is permissible only as a last resort in order to solve health problems in the least developed countries.

Earlier in Russia, another similar law was passed, according to which it is allowed to produce medicines without the permission of the patent holder to ensure defense and security, including the protection of the life and health of citizens.