In 2019, the authorities of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia opened 4068 cases regarding violations of the legislation on advertising, during the consideration of which 7056 violations were stopped (in 2018 – 3970 cases and 5389 violations).

Based on the results, 4315 cases of administrative offenses were initiated (in 2018 – 4034 cases). The amount of fines amounted to 114.7 million rubles (78.7 million rubles a year earlier).

Almost a quarter of all identified violations accounted for the distribution of false advertising, 22% accounted for advertising of financial services, which were the most numerous violations among all the restrictions established for advertising certain types of goods.

The distribution of false advertising in 2019 amounted to 15% of all violations, and 10% are violations in advertising of alcoholic beverages.

The number of violations in the advertising of medicines, medical services, and dietary supplements amounted to about 4% of all violations.

4% of the total number of violations were recognized as unethical and unfair advertising.