On July 23, 2019, the upper house of parliament of the Russian Federation approved a law introducing ‘geographical indication’ into Russian legislation as a new object of intellectual property rights.

According to the amendments to the Civil Code, that will come into force July 2020, along with such an object of intellectual property as the ‘appellations of the place of origin of goods’, it will be possible to obtain registration as ‘geographical indication’ in Russia, or, as it is called the ‘brand of the region’.

Legal protection as a geographical indication may be granted to a designation identifying a product originating from the territory of a geographical object, of a certain quality, reputation or other characteristics of which are largely related to its geographical origin.

At the same time, in contrast to appellation of origin, only one of the stages of production of the goods can be carried out in the territory of a given geographical object. But this stage must be having a significant impact on the formation of the characteristics of the goods.

The designation cannot be registered at the same time as a geographical indication and as an appellation of the place of origin of goods.

A geographical indication may be registered by one or several citizens, one or several legal entities, as well as an association (union) or other association of persons.

Foreign designations may also be registered as a geographical indication, but they must have appropriate legal protection in their home country.

Nowadays, there are more than 200 appellations of origin have been registered in Russia. Legislators expect that due to simplified registration requirements, a much larger number of registered geographical indications will appear in Russia.