On November 17, 2020, the parliament of Russia adopted the second package of bills, initiated by the president, as part of the implementation of new provisions of the Constitution – on the supremacy of the Constitution and the priority of its action in Russia.

To implement this provision, amendments are made to five codes, as well as 115 more laws, including “On international treaties of the Russian Federation”, “On protection of consumer rights”, “On arbitration courts”, “On personal data”, etc.

Thus, all international treaties, acts and decisions of interstate bodies that do not comply with the Constitution will not be enforced on the territory of Russia. This constitutional norm will be reflected in the corresponding federal laws.

In addition, the law “On international treaties of the Russian Federation” is supplemented by new powers of the Constitutional Court – to resolve the issue of the possibility of executing decisions of interstate bodies if their interpretation is contrary to the Constitution, and of the possibility of executing decisions of a foreign or international (interstate) court or arbitration imposing obligations to Russia if this decision contradicts the foundations of public law and order in Russia.