American Rubstein Properties LLC filed a lawsuit against the Russian toy manufacturer Prosto Toys LLC in the Moscow Arbitration Court for 250 million rubles.

Russian Mobile Television LLC (RMT), Internet Solutions LLC (Ozon), licensing agency Funtik Entertainment LLC and PJSC Detsky Mir were involved as third parties.

In 2015, Rubstein Properties acquired for 30 years from RMT an exclusive license for the characters of the Russian-Italian animated series The New Adventures of Leopold the Cat, based on the Soviet cartoon.

According to the plaintiff, Prosto Toys manufactures and sells toys with characters without permission. Their cost is 324-349 rubles ($4-4.5) apiece.

According to Russian law, one of the ways to calculate a loss in such cases is to double the value of the right to use a work. The lawsuit states that the license for the images of the cat Leopold, Mouse-1 (gray), and Mouse-2 (white) costs 125 million rubles.

Prosto Toys stated that Prosto Toys’ products are manufactured with the permission of, and after contracts with, copyright holders and their authorized licensees.

The rights to the characters of Soviet cartoons about the cat Leopold are owned by animator Vyacheslav Nazaruk.